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Useful Tools to grow your Etsy business

Shopiscope helps you in boosting your Etsy sales and analyzing your Etsy performance by comparing it with other similar Etsy stores

Discover Competing Etsy Stores

Shopiscope uses its predictive analysis engine to suggest competing stores on Etsy. There are a lot of things that you can learn from other stores.

Track Shop Data of your competitors

Our comparison page will keep you updated about all the important metrics related to your ongoing Etsy business & other Etsy stores which are similar to you.

Track Your Top Tags

Shopiscope will help you understand what kind of products & tags are doing better on your store so that you can focus on right areas while developing new products

Most-searched Etsy Keywords

Generate top performing & trending keywords on Etsy search as tags for your product listings so that you can get more quality traffic on your shop for free.

Discover New Customers

Shopiscope shows you most engaging customers on your competitors shops. It tells you what product a buyer bought and how much money he/she spent on that store.

Track Positive and Negative reviews

Shopiscope gives you a clear picture of what your buyers or buyers on competing stores are thinking about their purchases. Studying reviews from competitor's store will give you a clear picture on what your potential customers want.

Bulk Edit Etsy Listings

You can use Shopiscope listing editor to bulk edit listings in seconds. You can make bulk changes like increase or decrease prices, change title etc with ease. All the listings get updated on Etsy immediately.

Weekly Email Reports

To make it easier for you, we send weekly reports on how your competitors are doing and what all major changes they made.


Shopiscope is an easy to use Etsy seller tool. In case you have any queries, just to write to help@shopiscope.com. Here below, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions :

What is Shopiscope?

Shopiscope is a competitor analysis and tracking tool for Etsy sellers. You can track all the activity on happening on your competitors store - ranging from price change to sales or new product additions to increase in traffic or new reviews.

How Shopiscope works?

You add some stores as your competitors on Shopiscope. We start tracking these stores on daily basis and keep recording each & every change happening on those stores. You can track these changes in your Shopiscope dashboard.

How much does Shopiscope cost?

You can use Shopiscope for FREE OF COST to track one competitor, search top keywords for first 5 times, edit 20 listings, track basic shop data, find most used tags on your shop and so on. If you want complete access to all the Shopiscope features or want to add more competitors & do unlimited, you can upgrade your account.

Tell me something about Shopiscope team.

Shopiscope is developed by the engineers from popular social media apps and big tech giants like Google, Etsy and Amazon. We are using a lot of new-age big data analysis technologies to help you keep a close eye on your competitors and learn from their actions. Shopiscope is by-far one of the most advanced and powerful Etsy seller apps available in the market today.

Is Shopiscope safe ?

Absolutely. Shopiscope is an Etsy approved app. We already have three other Etsy sellers tools in the market, used by over 50,000 Etsy sellers daily.

I have a query. Whom shall I contact?

You can directly mail us at help@shopiscope.com. We will be more than happy to solve all your queries related to Shopiscope.